Yoga Sangha

Our advocacy is to support a person’s lifestyle change towards overall health and well-being in body-mind-spirit. At Yoga Sangha, we believe that growth, learning, and self-actualization happens when we are in a nurturing community that is supportive towards each person’s own healing and wellness.

Yoga Sangha is an exploration and learning hub that centers on building communities and integrating a holistic approach, guided by the practice and philosophy of the 8 Limbs of Yoga by creating programs tailor-fitted to the needs of the community and the conditions of the environment they are in, to support overall wellness. Each class is designed using different yoga tools based on evidence-based medical journals and research. Communities that we support include residential villages, corporate offices, schools, and therapy centers.

Sangha in Sanskrit means community. We are also a community of teachers as we support and showcase each other’s skills and specializations.