About Us

Area63.Fitness is a project that came about as a response to the growing need of fitness professionals and studios to have access to clients beyond their families, friends and existing students. With the pandemic, their livelihood was greatly affected as gyms had to lay-off trainers, close branches and downsize on their operations. They now had to scramble to find ways to keep their practice as well as their income.

Area63.Fitness aims to support fitness businesses and professionals by putting together in a single platform a collection of classes that now may be offered as a comprehensive wellness program to corporations. We realized that on their own the trainers would not have access to a network of companies. By themselves they would not be able to have an audience of employees from corporate clients. But if we band together as a collective with a vision to spread much needed fitness practices to weary workers then this wellspring of wellbeing will keep on giving.

Area63 is the brand because +63 is the country code of the Philippines and we envision this as a movement that brings to its fold the best trainers and studios from all over the archipelago. It is also a movement to get companies to support their employees to take care of themselves especially during these times when a lot of them may be feeling stuck and anxious. It is a movement that encourages people to simply move, a day at a time. As one does so, then the sense of daily progress permeates into the other aspects of one’s life.